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Tuesday September 02, 2014

[H]ardware Round-Up II

Charity: Charity PC Raffle @ LanOC

Cooling: be quiet Dark Rock Pro 3 @ XtremeHardware

CPU: AMD FX-8370 and FX-8370E @ Modders Inc.

AMD FX-8370E AM3+ Processor @ Benchmark Reviews

Giveaways: Monthly Hardware Giveaway @ RealHardwareReviews

Sapphire R9 285 ITX Giveaway @ eTeknix

Video: MSI R9 285 Twin Frozr IV @ Techgage

Armored Warfare Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

The folks at Obsidian have put out a thirty minute video that shows off some pre-alpha Armored Warfare gameplay footage.


UK Government Warns Google, Microsoft & Yahoo Over Piracy

I would laugh at this but this guy sounds pretty damn serious. eek!

"We don’t look at any other crimes and say ‘It’s such a big problem that it’s not worth bothering with.’ We wouldn’t stand idly by if paintings worth hundreds of millions of pounds were being stolen from the National Gallery. Copyright infringement is theft, pure and simple. And it’s vital we try to reduce it."


BBC Unveils New Computing And Coding Content For Kids

This is the kind of content we need for our children here in the states.

BBC Children’s and BBC Learning today announce a range of content across Bitesize, CBBC and CBeebies that will encourage children across the UK to get involved with computing and coding, with new education resources, lively television series, games and competitions.


Running AMD's FX-8370E On Linux

The alternative OS gurus over at Phoronix have put AMD's FX-8370E processor to the test running Linux.

AMD today is rolling out three new FX-Series processors (the FX-8320E, FX-8370E, and FX-8370) while cutting prices on their existing Vishera AM3+ FX processors. AMD sent over the new FX-8370 and FX-8370E CPUs last week to Phoronix (the FX-8320E is still forthcoming) so we are here with the rundown on the Linux performance of these new FX CPUs compared to a wide variety of other Intel and AMD Linux systems with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.


YouTube Now Allows Fan Funding

Google has now made it possible to tip your favorite YouTube content producers as long as you are running Chrome or the Android app.

Fan Funding is a new way to make voluntary payments to support the YouTube creators you love. If a creator has Fan Funding enabled, you may see an Fan Funding icon in the corner of their video. Click that icon to get started! You can also click the Support button on their channel page.


Biped Robot Can Hit Speeds Of 2.6MPH

What is the point of making robots that can move this fast? You're just making it easier for them to KILL US ALL!


Official Destiny Planet View Trailer

I haven't spent much time exploring Destiny Planet View yet but the budget "street view with voiceovers" at least lets you check out the game environments on different planets. Those of you that can't access the site from work / school can watch the video below:


Gaming [H]eadlines

City of Heroes Revival? @ Blue's News

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC In November? @ Shacknews

Halo 3 - Xbox One Gameplay @ YouTube

Mighty No. 9 Starts Backers-Only Beta @ Joystiq

Antec EDGE 750W Power Supply

Make sure you guys take a moment to check out our evaluation of the Antec EDGE 750W power supply today.

News Image

Antec is easily a go-to brand for many computer hardware enthusiasts and Antec has not been resting on its reputation. Today is the debut of the Antec EDGE 750W. This PSU boasts full modularity, up to 92% efficiency, high quality Japanese capacitors, "Flat Stealth Wires," all riding on two "High Current Rails."


Windows 8 Gaining Market Share

Slowly but surely, Windows 8 is gaining market share.

News Image

For the month of August, Windows 8.1 eked out a 7.09 percent market share based on all the desktop OS traffic seen by Web tracker Net Applications. That number was up slightly from 6.56 percent in July, 6.61 percent in June, and 6.35 percent in May. Still in use among many people, Windows 8 scored 6.28 percent of the market last month.


Apple & FBI Investigating Stolen Nude Celebrity Photos

Normally we'd make fun of Apple for something like this but, at least in this case, we just want to say "Thanks!" big grin

It’s believed that the images were stolen by exploiting a glitch in Apple’s Find My iPhone service for people looking to track or shut down their lost devices. Normally, an iPhone user’s account would be locked out after a few failed password attempts, but the glitch allowed a remote hacker to run through multiple passwords until finding the one that unlocked the account.


[H]ardware Round-Up

CPU: AMD FX-8370E @ HT4U

AMD FX-8370E @ PC Perspective

AMD FX-8370E @ Tech Report

Cases: CORSAIR Graphite 380T @ MadShrimps

ETC.: MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 @ Legit Reviews

Scythe Mugen MAX CPU Cooler

The crew at ThinkComputers have the Scythe Mugen MAX CPU cooler on the test bench today.

Scythe says that the Mugen MAX belongs in the "XL" CPU cooler market and with dimensions of 145 x 86 x 161 mm it is one of the larger CPU coolers we have seen this year. On top of its size the Mugen MAX features six nickel-plated copper heatpipes and Scythe’s own GlideStream 140 mm cooling fan. Can this cooler compete with some of the other larger CPU coolers that we have tested this year?


NZXT Announces The S340

Forged from strong, cold-rolled steel, the S340 exudes an air of confidence that only the most durable of cases is capable of exhibiting. Axing the optical bays and relocating the HDDs to a lower position opens the case up like never before, making this one of the easiest cases to build in ever. A grommet-less cable management solution, alongside over twenty zip-tie locations and plenty of space behind the motherboard tray gives you unprecedented cable management options for a mid tower case.

When it comes to keeping cool, the Source 340 is no slouch. With Kraken X61 compatibility in the front intake, X31 compatibility in the rear exhaust, and a total of up to three 140mm or for 120mm fans you have plenty of chilling options. Thick front panel cutouts allow unrestricted airflow to reach our fully filtered intake. The Source 340 comes with the standard accouterments that you would expect from a premium case, such as USB 3.0, filtered intakes, a PSU shroud, and quality materials. Easily one of the most durable cases we’ve ever made, the Source 340 boasts 360 degrees of steel casing, extremely minimal plastic use, and extra thick side panels.


Real-Time Tech Demo of the Day

If you only watch one real-time tech demo today, make it this one. cool


MSI Radeon R9 285 GAMING OC

Our evaluation of the MSI Radeon R9 285 GAMING OC is now online for your viewing pleasure. If you are shopping for a sub-$250 GPU, this review will definitely be of interest to you.

News Image

AMD has launched the $249 AMD Radeon R9 285 video card. We dive into this somewhat confusing GPU. We compare it to the GeForce GTX 760 as well as an AMD Radeon R9 280. We'll discuss GCN differences in this new video card that may give it the edge with some feedback from AMD.


AMD Radeon R9 285 Review Round-Up

AMD Radeon R9 285 reviews are coming in from around the internet and, as always, we've done our best to round up as many reviews as we can and post links to them here for your convenience. We'll add more reviews throughout the day as we find them.



PC Perspective

Tech Report



Legion Hardware

Hardware Heaven

Uber Banned Across Germany

This "ban Uber" stuff is getting out of control. Pretty soon it will be illegal to offer a friend gas money for giving you a ride somewhere. roll eyes (sarcastic)

A court in Frankfurt has banned Uber from operating in the country until a hearing later this year on the legality of the service, which allows people to use their smartphones to book rides with freelance drivers. The potential countrywide ban in Germany is the latest in a number of legal setbacks that the San Francisco-based company has faced in Europe and North America as it tries to expand its car service globally.


15 Year Old Who "SWATTED" Gamer Given 25 Years To Life

Could you imagine if we really did hand out 25 years to life for something like this? Thanks to everyone that sent this one in but the story is fake. wink

What many teenagers these days are considering a harmless prank, has landed one online gamer in more trouble than he could have ever imagined. In a Louisiana courtroom today, 15-year-old Paul Horner broke down in tears after a judge found the young man guilty on two counts of domestic terrorism and was sentenced to twenty-five years to life in federal prison.


Intel Core i7 5960X Processor

There is a review of the Intel Core i7 5960X processor posted at Neoseeker today. For comparison purposes, you can see our evaluation here.

The Core i7 5960X I will be looking at in this review is Intel's first 8-core desktop processor, which sets it as the cream of the crop of the chipmaker's desktop line of processors. This fully unlocked beast of a processor comes loaded with 2.6 billion 22nm Tri-Gate 3-D Transistors that fit into a large 17.6mm x 20.2mm die and eight physical cores that translate into 16 processing threads thanks to Hyper Threading. It also boasts an impressive 20MB L3 cache and no fewer than 40 PCI-E 3.0 lanes. The 5960X has an out of the box base clock of 3.0GHz that bumps to 3.5GHz with Intel's Turbo Boost 2 Technology.


Monday September 01, 2014

Cool Video of the Day

This is pretty damn cool. Raise your hand if you were secretly hoping for a malfunction when that dude was walking under this thing. wink


Movies Have Worst Summer Since 1997

Movies had the worst summer since 1997. That's funny because you can jumble that sentence around to say "worst summer movies since 1997" and it would still be accurate. Refreshing twist to this article? Piracy wasn't even mentioned. smile

The film industry had its worst summer in North America, still the world’s No. 1 movie market, since at least 1997, after adjusting for inflation. Between the first weekend in May through the end of August, ticket sales in the United States and Canada are expected to total roughly $3.9 billion, a 15 percent decline from the same stretch last year, according to Rentrak, a box office data company.


Labor Day [H]ardware Round-Up

Cases: Corsair Graphite 380T @ Hexus

Corsair Graphite 380T @ Guru3D

ETC.: Tesoro Tizona G2N Elite @ PureOC

Tt eSPORTS Verto Gaming Headset @ ThinkComputers

Memory: DDR4 Memory Round-Up @ Hardware Heaven

Motherboards: MSI X99S GAMING 9 AC @ Vortez

MSI X99S GAMING 9 AC @ Tweak.dk

PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G2 1600W @ techPowerUP!

Super Flower Golden Silent 500W @ eTeknix

Farms Of 'Artificial Humans' To Replace Animal Testing

Hang on, if they start testing on artificial humans what will PETA have left to bitch about? big grin

Smartphone-sized microchips replicating human lungs, livers and other organs are being used to test the body's reaction to new drugs. They are branded as 'human on a chip' and developers hope to create 'human farms' to replace the controversial technique of live animal testing.


3 Things That Have Made Gaming Social Media More Toxic

I don't care whether you like Brad Wardell or not, you really should read this.

It’s not just that the gaming media publicizes every tawdry rumor or speculation about the individuals involved in making games. It’s that they actively take sides and drive the narrative. This is extremely divisive and thus creates a constituency of people waiting "their turn" to air their grievances.


Activision Could Make A Play For Take-Two

It's funny how one analyst makes "an emerging romance" comments about Activision and Take-Two and now the company's stock is trading at a six year high.

"For Activision, acquiring Take-Two Interactive would be a no-brainer, in our view, circling some of the strongest development talent and owned IP in the world, within a company that has nearly $1 billion in cash and trades at a comparably lower multiple," Hickey said.


Patent Allows Watermarking of Already Encrypted Movies

Verance, the company behind Cinavia anti-piracy protection, has been awarded a new patent on a method of inserting watermarks into content that has already been compressed and encrypted.

The company behind the movie watermarking system known as Cinavia has been awarded a new anti-piracy patent. Among other things, the Verance invention seeks to track digital media as it's being distributed by adding identifying watermarks to encrypted content, without having to decrypt it first.


Labor Day

While I expect news in the tech world to be fairly slow today because of Labor Day, there are still a bunch of you out there that have to work so I’ll gather up what news I can find so you have something to do at work. Hey, if you are going to work on Labor Day, the least we can do is keep you company / entertained.

GIGABYTE Launches New X99 Series Motherboards

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced the availability of their new X99 motherboard lineup based on the Intel® X99 chipset with support for Intel’s new Core™ i7 Extreme Edition (LGA 2011-v3 socket) processors and latest DDR4 memory support. Featuring 3 main categories of motherboards including G1™ gaming, SOC overclocking and signature GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™, GIGABYTE has an X99 series motherboard custom built for any ‘Dream Machine’ build.

Designed to fulfill the needs of the high-end desktop segment, the new GIGABYTE X99 motherboards are the ultimate platform for users wanting long lasting quality, unrivalled performance and great looks that complement any system build. Offering a completely digital power design by IR to fully power all 8 cores of the Intel® Core™ i7-5960X, the GIGABYTE X99 range of motherboards will be the perfect backbone to your next PC DIY project. Whether choosing a G1™ Gaming, SOC-Force or an Ultra Durable™ motherboard, GIGABYTE has a wide range of features geared towards gamers, overclockers and professionals alike including all the latest generation connectivity such as M.2 and SATA Express as well as Thunderbolt™ expandability support. So enthusiasts, don’t be afraid to build your ultimate dream machine. GIGABYTE X99 series motherboards help make the dream a reality.


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